The Ultimate Contest (UC for short) is an ongoing series of mini contests (also known as 'rounds'), each lasting a month each. At present, it is run solely by spoonerdog123 .

Contest rulesEdit

- On the 8th of each month, a new theme-word is chosen. Theme-words are taken from a list of suggestions which can be added to.

- People who wish to enter the contest must incorporate that theme-word into their entry - the theme-word should be very prominent.

- Entries may be from any medium (such as writing, music, or art); however, if the entry is a written one, it must be a complete oneshot in itself (ie it can be read with no prior knowledge beyond basic Pokeumans stuff, and has a conclusive ending).

- On the first of the next month, the voting period for that round starts - though entries may still be submitted during this time, it is considered a better idea to submit entries before the voting round begins.

- During the voting period, anyone (regardless of whether or not they're a group member) is able to vote on the entry thay believe should win that round, by submitting notes to either the group or spoonerdog123. However, anyone who entered that round is required to vote, or one vote will be subtracted from the voting total of their entry. Those who entered are also not permitted to vote for their own entry.

- One week after voting began (ie on the 8th), the entry with the most votes is publicly declared the winner, the theme-word for the next round is revealed, and the submission period for the next round begins. If there is a tie, the prize is split equally.

- Anyone can join in any round, and anyone can drop out of any round. However, anyone who has won two consecutive UCs in a row must sit out the following round.

The RoundsEdit

Month Theme Word Winning Entry/ies
January 2014 Rock Rock Tomb by LuciMissile 
Febuary 2014 Confusion Tie between False Reality by MarvelHero977 and Confusion by Storymwing
March 2014 Almost

you are a FOOL. by lunarsol11

April & May 2014 N/A [SR1]


June 2014 N/A N/A
July 2014 N/A N/A

Spicol RoundsEdit

From time to time the UC may hold Spicol rounds that differ somewhat to how the Ultimate Contest normally works. Below is a listing of what  Spicol round's have taken place so far:


The round started very late and was delared a free-for-all round were competitors could use any word off the sajested theme word-list that thay wanted so long as the story only focused on 1 word, and that would could not be 1 they submitted to the list. Due to teknacol difficultys and the semi-low submission turnout the round was later extended for an extra mouth.