Lucas the Ivysaur

Lucas Reenes is an Ivysaur featured in Pokeumans Double X. His somewhat turbulant past led him to be rather quiet, and his lack of friends before Josh came shows that immensely. He learned Rock Throw from an old friend called Oliver, who may have died since. Lucas is currently the only character of Pokeumans Double X to have a chapter in PDX Backstories.


While he can be placed as somewhat shy, he is also very down to earth and thinks much more logically than the others do. However, Lucas's confidence fluctuates constantly, and it usually doesn't come to his favor.


Lucas arrived at the Long Island Pokeumans Base in 200 , just after what was supposed to be a hiking trip with his father. He was saved by Oliver, who left him on a dangerous PRT mission later that year. Over the course of time, Lucas gained a new friend and learned Rock Throw; an attack nearly impossible for an Ivysaur to perfect. Oliver gave the courage that Lucas needed to train so he could beat the Elite Four. When he did challenge them, he was defeated by Rikuto. Though Lucas hides pieces of his past from Josh and his other friends, it's presumed that the readers know all there is to know.


  • Sludge Bomb
  • Rock Throw
  • Vine Whip
  • Skull Bash