This is a copy of a directory (which can be found HERE) made by spoonerdog123 and organized by the number of chapters in the story. There’s a flagging on oneshot, discontinued, hiatus, and completed stories as well.

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To search for stories by which ones are Discontinued or on Hiatus, type "DISCONTINUED" and "HIATUS" and press Enter repeatedly to scroll through those stories. For when searching for Oneshot, and/or Completed story's check the' ''''''"Oneshot Stories"' ''''''and "Completed Stories" section's of this Wikia page respectively.

Now, if there are mistakes on this list, or it's become out of date PLEASE update this page so that it can be fixed! Also, if you have a story that’s a direct follow on to another of your stories, please add that information in brackets next to the listing for your story.

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On with.... THE DIRECTORY!

The Original Story: Edit

The Story that Started Everything

'Stories' that honestly can't be classified as stories:Edit

  • Frozen Reflections (Comic) [link]
  • Genre Switch (writing guide) [link]
  • Just Another Story (parody, leaves group rules flailing in the dust) [link]
  • Red Moon (Comic) [link]
  • Troll Pokéumans Story (exactly what it says on the tin – oneshot) [link]

Things with sequelsEdit

  • Ares/Allegro/Artemis (23, 15, and 8 chapters respectively) – Three parts of a trilogy (listed in the order that they’re meant to be read) [link], [link] and [link] Ares and Allegro are COMPLETE, Artemis is on HIATUS
  • Austin’s Story [link] COMPLETE - the sequel is Discovery [link]
  • Toasty (25) [link]  COMPLETE - the sequel is Here We Go Again (22) [link]
  • Victini Project Trilogy (15) [link] Book One is COMPLETE

ONESHOT StoriesEdit

  • Holly and the Snivy [link] Oneshot (though broken into two parts) - COMPLETE
  • Marvik and MSN: To Save A Life [link] Oneshot - COMPLETE
  • Pokéumans Funeral Song [link] Oneshot - COMPLETE
  • Pokéuman Logic [link] Oneshot - COMPLETE
  • Pokéumans Mini Story [link] Oneshot - COMPLETE
  • Sharp as Scissors: Secret Santa [link] Oneshot - COMPLETE
  • Sick Day [link] Oneshot - COMPLETE
  • Silence [link] Oneshot - COMPLETE

Stories with ONE chapter:Edit

  • Ancestor’s Past: Covert Operations [link]
  • Apocalypse [link]
  • Brainwashed (Prologue + First Chapter) [link]
  • Caleb le Squirtle [link]
  • The Change of a Lifetime [link]
  • Child of the Volcano [link]
  • Christina the Pokéuman [link]
  • Claws of Fire [link]
  • Electric Eccentric [link]
  • Everlasting Hope [link]
  • Fate of Lunatic Phantasm [link]
  • Feral [link]
  • A Grassy Life [link]
  • Hatikvah [link]
  • In the Shadow of the Reich [link]
  • Joe’s Story [link]
  • The Kids in Class E10 [link]
  • Lost Legacy [link]
  • Mike and Mark [link] DISCONTINUED, unless I’m very wrong
  • Mobius Strip Project: Agent Mentality [link] (in the same timeline as Mobius Strip Project: TTDRT, but is NOT a direct sequel to it)
  • My Pokéumans Story [link]
  • A New Life (Prologue + First Chapter) [link]
  • The New Kid [link] Likely to be DISCONTINUED
  • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service… (Part 1 of 3 is up) [link]
  • One Thing A Clone Can’t Replace (Intro only) [link]
  • Peter – The Anthro Skarmory [link]
  • Pokéumans (Kingbowser – title unknown – prologue only) [link] HIATUS
  • Pokéumans (Spyrofreak – title unknown – prologue only) [link]
  • Pokéuman: Claire’s Story [link]
  • Pokéumans – My Real Story [link]
  • Pokéumans: Renee [link]
  • Pokéumans – Sharks on Land [link]
  • Pokéuman Story (Part 1 and Part 2 of Chapter One are up) [link]
  • The Rescuer [link]
  • Restless Wanderer: Pokéumans [link]
  • Rockygalade Pokéuman TF [link]
  • Season of Grass [link]
  • Spark and the Pokéumans [link]
  • The Slumbering Soldier [link]
  • TDSoL Special [link]
  • The Ultimate Team [link]
  • Unseen Secrets [link]
  • An Unnamed Pokéuman Story (no, seriously) [link]
  • A Vulpixian Venture [link]
  • Of Wind and Fire [link]

Stories with TWO chapters: Edit

  • Amber’s Journey [link]
  • Blazing Friendship [link]
  • Big Things Come in Small Pokeballs [link]
  • The Misadventures of Omicron Squad [link]
  • Mobius Strip Project: TTDRT [link] (in the same timeline as Mobius Strip Project: Agent Mentality, but is NOT a direct sequel to it)
  • Overwhelming Darkness [link]
  • A Silent Hound's Cry [link]
  • The Two Faced Pokéuman [link]

Stories with THREE chapters: Edit

  • The Azure Inferno [link]
  • Consider The Following [link]
  • Francis the Ditto [link]
  • The Illusion of Reality [link]
  • Journey of a New Life [link]
  • My Pokéuman Story [link]
  • A Pokéumans Curse [link]
  • Sins of the Father [link]
  • Subject III’s Story [link]
  • Temperamental Singularity [link]
  • The Tusked Warrior [link]
  • The Unexpected Life [link]
  • Wickham Heights Pokéumans Base [link]

Stories with FOUR chapters: Edit

  • Alex’s Adventure [link]
  • Alien Angel: An Earthling’s Story [link]
  • Bowser the Blaziken [link]
  • For Lack of a Better Name [link]
  • Jack’s Ordeal [link] (in the same timeline as Sparkler, but is NOT a direct sequel to it)
  • The Organization Within [link]
  • The Power of Darkness [link]
  • The Purple Serpent [link]
  • The Shadow Within [link]
  • Sparkler [link] (in the same timeline as Jack's Ordeal, but is NOT a direct sequel to it)
  • The Thieving Arrow [link]
  • skydancer121's Pokeumans [link]

Stories with FIVE chapters: Edit

  • Andrew The Pokéuman [link]
  • C– Sealed in Another Body [link]
  • Maxing the Lucario [link]  
  • Pokéumans Spinoff [link]
  • Ravagers [link] COMPLETE
  • Shadowy Beginnings [link] DISCONTINUED

Stories with SIX chapters: Edit

  • Chosen [link] DISCONTINUED
  • The Dual Transformation [link]
  • Journey of the Two Brothers [link]
  • Flames of Destiny [link]
  • Sakato’s Mission [link]
  • Unspeakable Atrocities [link]
  • Well Grounded Confidence [link]

Stories with SEVEN chapters: Edit

  • Freeman’s Pokéumans Spinoff [link]
  • Illusion Master (technically seven and a half, but…) [link]
  • Mindwalker [link] COMPLETE

Stories with EIGHT chapters: Edit

  • The Coming of the Dragon [link]
  • Dark Side of Life [link]
  • Dark Mind [link] COMPLETE
  • The Dragon Arises [link]
  • On the Other Side of the Cage [link] COMPLETE

Stories with NINE chapters:Edit

Stories with TEN OR MORE chapters: Edit

  • Blake’s Legend (14) [link]
  • Diana’s Disaster (13) [link] COMPLETE
  • Dragon Island (29) [link]
  • Of Elegance and Grace (10) [link]
  • Fiery Resolve (54) [link]
  • The Hybrid Dragon (14) [link]
  • Lasting Storms (14) [link]
  • A Leap of Faith (13) [link]  COMPLETE
  • Lightning Rift (12) [link]
  • Raving Impossibilities (11) [link] COMPLETE
  • Rescue Number 301 (12) [link]  COMPLETE
  • Shadows of the Mind (15) [link]
  • A Shell Feeling (11) [link]
  • Slicin and Dicin (10) [link]
  • Speed and Strength (19) [linkCOMPLETE
  • The Original Pokeumans Story (20) [link]
  • Aura_Knight394's Pokeumans Story (36) [link]


  • Ravagers [link]
  • Mindwalker [link]
  • Dark Mind [link]
  • On the Other Side of the Cage [link]
  • Diana’s Disaster (13) [link]
  • A Leap of Faith (13) [link]  
  • Raving Impossibilities (11) [link]
  • Rescue Number 301 (12) [link]  
  • Speed and Strength (19) [link]"