This page is a listing of all the currently released chapters of Pokeumans Just Another Story, and info on each one. This page (once the Ch. info is added to it) contains massive spoilers so if you haven't read all the Ch.'s of JAS yet you should do so first (witch you can find HERE) unless you want spoilers

Just Another Story Ch 1Edit

Why Are You Reading This?: [data]

Not Another Story, Prvw 1.2 (Ch 2):Edit

Why Did I Write This?: [data]

What, Another Story?!? Prvw 1.3 (Ch 3):Edit

Gen VS The Rules: ]data]

Yet Another Story, Prvw1.4 (Ch 4):Edit

Are You Still Reading?: ]data]

JAS, Prv 1.5 (Ch 5):Edit

Revenge of the Zombie Fanfic: A Halloween cashin, [more data]