Ivan the Ivysaur

Ivan is a 17 year old Ivysaur. He belonged to a rich family before transforming, and was friends with Austin Ruso and Nick Gregory. All he really wants to do is start a band and sing. He goes to Long Island base and is in room 139, Sakato's old room.

Moves Edit

  • Stun Spore: Ivan sprays out stunning yellow powder at his enemies, paralyzing them.
  • Poison Powder: Ivan shoots out a poisonous purple powder to inflict enemies with a toxin.
  • Vine Whip: Ivan uses vines that grow from his bulb to whip the enemies.
  • Bullet Seed: Ivan shoots many seed in rapid succession to hit an enemy.

Combo Moves Edit

  • Poisoned Bullets: Ivan covered his seeds in the poisonous powder to inflict poison damage.

Trivia Edit

  • Ivan is Sakato's replacement in Long Island Base. While he knows who he is, he has yet to meet him. It has been confirmed that they will in a later chapter, however.